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You can now add share buttons for Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn on your event pages, your fundraiser pages or even your news articles.

To do so, go to the Website application and choose the site where you would like to configure the share buttons. Once you've selected the site, go to the Tools tab.

Outils de l'application Site Web de memboGo

In this tab, you can add share buttons by checking the option “Enable sharing buttons.”

Activer les boutons de partage des réseaux sociaux sur memboGo

Once you've checked this box, share buttons for Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn will appear on each of your event, fundraiser or news pages. The buttons are displayed under the event information, fundraiser details or news article.


Un exemple d'événement sur un site web memboGo avec la barre de partage ​
Example of an event on a memboGo site with the share bar


​Exemple de campagne de dons sur un site web memboGo
Example of a fundraiser on a memboGo site 


Un exemple d'article sur le site web de memboGo avec la barre de partage
Example of an article on the memboGo site with the share bar 

Personalizing the display of the share bar 

This is the basic configuration offered by memboGo.
However, if you’d like a more personalized configuration, you can create an addthis account to configure your share buttons.
All you have to do is enter your public key (public_id) in the tools tab so that your website takes your configuration into account.
The public key takes the following format: ra-xxxxxxxxxxxxx

Once the configuration has been saved, you can, for example, have “floating” share buttons on the left or right side of your site on all of your pages. Or, you can choose the social media networks that you'd like to propose to members.

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